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So many shows so little time.....choices, choices, choices....

"In order to be with someone.. you need to be ready.. to accept his past and all his relationships."

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“Gi Tae’s the only person I have too. That’s why I needed to work. I thought I would lose him if I only relied on him. I didn’t want to be sad that he only cared this much about me when he was my whole life. I didn’t want to torment him that way. To enjoy his company for a long, long time.”

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I felt like these two had too much chemistry for this to be fake. What do you guys think?

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"Do you not see me? You’re not alone. What about me? I just didn’t want you to be alone. So I gave up everything".

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"I used to think he was just childish. But he started to make me smile at some point".

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"There is no special reason a woman opens her heart to a man. Sincerity that you feel with your whole body… where no words or expressions are needed. That’s the only key that can open a woman’s heart".

It’s true though. If I can feel you sincerely reach out to me, I would reach out in any way I can.

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On the set with Plus Nine Boys 아홉수 소년

can we all just agree that there were definitely some sort of gay vibes and lingering fingers here

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You looked sexy eating your ramen.

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Jeon Ji Hyun - Shesmiss (Fall ‘14)

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