Taking Kdramas 2 Heart
So many shows so little time.....choices, choices, choices....


i hate it when my “friends” just dismiss something i’m really passionate about like “oh you’re talking about that again” like shut up don’t ruin this for me do you know how many times i’ve pretended to care or even genuinely tried to get interested in what you like????? the least you could do is fake it rather than making me feel like a burden

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K-Dramas and Leading Male Shower Scenes in classy Black & White.

I think it’s about time we admit that this is what our obsession really is ladies ;) LOL

PLOT TWIST: Gangster Oppa

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Father, do you know the meaning of the blood red mae hwa I drew? 

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-“Why do you keep smiling?”

-“Because i like you.”

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"She’s my girlfriend"

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